Sunday, November 2, 2008

I see a sunny side, wait till it snows.

Holly shit was it chill tonight or what? Quiet, relaxed and I made enough dough to live another day. It was nice. I did my job. Somehow I manage to please everyone, from the high class to the no class, I'm both of those. Sad. Good, get it. I love this job so much. Hasn't been that bad, this week was busy but pleasurable. The police were working the streets. The Roads. Great, the drunks were out in full force. I wonder if it was hard to avoid the one check stop on Calgary trail. It was one of the first Check stops I've seen in two years. It was big. Got to love the life. Its been warm. Warm weather is an attitude, it's provocative and everyone knows that Edmonton is running on some south westerly winds, the cold is coming. But not this weekend. What a strange night.Slow and then fast, you know everyone partied last night, so the night progressed slowly. I hate that shit. I just cruise around slowly looking for a flag, anyone, a bum. Sometimes you can cruise for an hour. I move, shark like circle the waters. Groat road bridge river valley road, 116th street, 109st, high level, Saskatchewan drive, 105st , 82ave, and all over a million times. Love flags, and when everyone needs a Taxi, I choose. My choice, then we see who's the bum for real. Girls always get picked up first. Manners, boys. I pick up lots of dudes. Its a totally different event each fare. Fuck I'm the same fare. I had a good weekend, My last fare, was out there. A guy Ive driven, with his buddies women, Hunting circling to score, They called! this was no flag. Crack hungry but just starting, using the company credit card "still valid". Strange. The women, all I ever have to do, to reach in deep is say "Got Kids". Bang Almost always a Bulls eye. Crack heads are hard to define, but they are people. Just that they are always looking to score, and the women are always using sex to score, and the guys use the drugs to get some. Hunter man pays for food. It was my last fare, I have no radio in the car, no radio. Do you know how crazy you can go with no radio? You start singing to yourself.

I fucking called 911 again, but I saved the river valley single handily

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