Saturday, November 22, 2008

Convenience bag for him and her

The weather was good tonight, I drove around, watched the night go by. At around 5am I accept a fare. West Edmonton Motor Inn. Its a great place, has all the nick knacks that make an Inn, in. I pull up and my fare is sitting in the lobby. That's strange. He gets in and tells me his address. North Side. Yellow head to 82nd street and North to 160 something ave. "You got money" I ask him. He say's "yes." I rarely ask people if they have money, I never ask to see it. I could smell the sent of a women, a street walker, it's a distinct ordure. Perfume and Booze, and drugs and sex, and ass that's the way it smells. The women cover it up and the men go off stinking like Whoore. Aaa. SO he gets in. We go. "What the fuck is up" I ask. "Man" he say's with a sad look on his face,"she took my truck." "Who" I ask. "This girl" he says "she was sweet." He outlines her body. "She took my car, she took my keys" he stops for a moment, "I told the Police, I told them that we met on 118ave". He puts his head down. He's still so loaded. I ask the killer question. "You got kids?". "An 11 year old boy and a 14 year old girl." he tells me. I laughed. I did, lots. I told him he picked up the devil. She took his truck to a dude that's gonna beat her up and feed her drugs for it. "how about the old lady" I ask. "My life is over" he says, "she'll never trust me" he hesitates "she's a good women." This guy was done there was no anger, only fear. He was still so drunk. He told me that he never slept with her. Lie, that was a lie, I could smell it, maybe all you have to do is kiss to stink like it, but I don't think so. The smell makes me sick, it's distinct, a melange of night "Live" treats, an organic stench, Aaa. He had to knock on the door, he needed to wake her up to get in. "It's all over" he kept saying. I told him he could lie, I also looked up into the sky from underneath my windshield and told him "it's all up to the big guy." I'm fucking awful. The dude was in a lose lose situation. That smell was going to give him away, he was just too drunk to understand that. That was a really great ride for me. I felt enlightened, prostitution, street walker stuff is not cool, it stinks. But wow it can fuck up the flow of things.
Sex. Drugs, Rock and Roll, I wounder if the ressesion is gonna trigger some good tunes
Oh and then there was this lady who was so done, boiled pink. Maybe drugged, SHe was in another taxi throwing up. He called an ambulance. The peramedic chick, was all tough and made me feel like a whimp for not just taking the drunk home, she said "Thats your job" to the driver that made the 911 call. The ambulace had special barf bags, they gave me a bunch "cool, if you have to spew? spew into this". The lady made it home safe.

There was also a kid that lost 6000$ playing baccarat he was 20 years old. Addiction. What an ass.


Jody Young Photography said...

much better than the bags you find on airplanes

Meika said...

One time I was in the cab with a friend and she had to puke. The cab driver would NOT stop. He told her she could hold it. She could not. Wish he would have had the bag.