Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You're in One!

"So I published a picture of you!"she overheard him tell his friend on the telelphone. "Why don't you text?" she asked him. "I'm a lot older then you, I got used to speaking on the phone" he spoke with his fingers held over his mouth and ear. She looked him over.

-no-so how'd you get so used to using those?
-they've been around for over two decades! he was right, she didn't realize it because she was only two decades old. "you look great baby"he said
-who's pic did you publish-
-your moms-


Anonymous said...

Don't be so insecure!

Anonymous said...

it all leads to inner peace! which is painfully boring for a real artist who sacrifices his heart to expose the sheep to the truth, to soul. Some people are toO broken to even be called sheep. Insecurity is the worldS best asset but .... fuck, who cares!