Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Characters in Robert Munsch’s “The Paper Bag Princess” and Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperors New Cloths” largely inspired Elizabeth’s story “Did she Just Flip in Flip Out”. Inspiration was taken from the two shorts to create a unique tale that tries to inspire many of the same timeless values as its contemporary counterparts as well as ad some modern twists to help keep the readers from losing focus; skateboarding being one of the newer more modern themes. After finding Munsch’s “Paper Bag Princess” a modern story of gender role reversal, a decision was made to create a female protagonist. The story does not necessarily replicate Munsch’s values, but it creeps along the same theme, that independence is a virtue. “The Emperors New Cloths” brings on another level of thematic dimension by mashing in the whole issue of people following one another blindly. The Queen in this case is completely self- absorbed and incapable of realizing that she is on a path of destruction, yet the common people do nothing but follow her and help maintain a bad situation. Thank goodness for Elizabeth’s independent pursuit of her father, the lost King. Without his rescue and return the kingdom would be left to crumble in the hands of a wickedly ignorant Queen.  Yet, once Elizabeth makes it up to the Dragon’s lair she finds her father, happily sitting, drinking milk. There are several layers of hypocrisy written into the story to give the reader a sense of their own reality. The ambiguity helps create a piece of text that a parent can read and a young adolescent may take in, and think about. Realizing that King James initial view of women where outdated and socially unacceptable is good. But realizing that allowing his love for his daughter to overcome and change his opinion is better. There is a nonsensical aspects also thrown into the story line, the Dragons house for example, this just helps the reader maintain the Dragon as a realistic reptile character in a mostly human world that needs theatric character to help create change.         


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