Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this is a scary thing!

"We're in a scary place" they both thought. "This is scary all together isn't it?" she asked, hungry. They were both in the darkness of their own lives, alone with others in houses that were getting all filled up with their existences, which were both rather interesting. They both had relationships and they both went about their day just the same, but when they found themselves thinking about one another they were both in the dark. "I can hear you" she said. "I can see you" he said. She smiled in the night, he reached out into his open space. "Why?" they both asked simultaneously, furiously, and most of all childishly. "I know" she said. He heard her and didn't care. He just sat there facing his screen, watching his lights turn on and off. She was wrong, and he was wrong, they both knew that. "This is a dark thing" he said, "Yes" she agreed. "We are from dark places" she added. Neither could feel the other, but they both agreed.


Anonymous said...

Kuba you're king of the bottom feeders you loser!

bumatom said...

it felt good!