Monday, June 6, 2011

sometimes maybe!

  They want to cut my legs off. They want you to stop looking at me because I'm beginning to feel sick. I've been grounded for way too long and I want out of this miserable room, out of my filthy world, this mess. So I've been tearing myself apart. Feels good to clench fist, get busy. Fixing the Boat, stinging the bee. My bones are stiff from sitting and stirring. I stopped fretting about the money. It's artistic integrity...stiff. Like my legs. Ugly!
  Feels good to loosen up!
So now I'm off to try to succeed, to stare the dragon in the face.
  "Come on, offer me freedom!"  they waited, and the world fell apart, they all cheered  in hatred. She was scared and alone. He was suppose to come back. "They never do." he said.
"Why?" she asked. He stopped. "Because people change!"


Jude has got way to much LOVE! said...

I spent the day watching the beetles all day yesterday!!! Tripped me out a bit, because I really love the Beetles, and my "other" Mother, even though she'd eat me for a snack, I still miss her!

Heroic Dosage of ... said...

Are you looking for someone interested in Childrens Literature and baby dragons.
"fuck really...Why?
"because the government killed bill Hicks!"
"too much love for the people I guess...He had to be shot!