Saturday, June 18, 2011

mirror Thing on the wall!

I walked the streets of heaven all alone amongst so many people who never knew. The universe is just a piece of everything, a tiny one. I found out that I own a part of the whole thing today. God told me, who I am, who I am not,  what I won't be. I found myself. Respect was dropped in front of me. By a man who forced his girlfriend to fight not for him, but because she did not matter. So many people are following their dream on the couch drunk, on drugs, stuck. Somethings we just don't want to face up to ourselves, like how meek we are when it comes to our own existence. How many of us are out there, looking through shitty blogs going, "Who the fuck does this guy think he is? He can't even spell clothes, Fucking Idiot" I know. It's me that makes that kind of mistake. But that flaw, it's a piece of the real estate I have in the whole part of the whole universe (the all of it). With it (my flaws) comes the ability to take a pretty solid beating. I am a failure waiting to happen again and again. I own that, and it is Universal. I respect that, because it won't change. Hey it's actually a human trait, but not everyone around me is human. They are just the empty space here to make ownership a maintenance process. Nothing is an obstacle in the massiveness, it's all suppose to be there. But that space is what gives our dreams room to breath, because imagine how shitty it would have been to have made it all the way to Mars without even having to have lost two and a half billion of the empty spaces........She fell on her face, on her chest, she was exposed and he was fighting a fire hydrant he was so drunk. It's awesome to think that all of them could have something that would be worth sharing. Nothing though, but bodies, I'm a Nuclease and I'm special because I'm flipped inside out and backwards. Huge piece of real state.There is lots to do here on a rainy day. Lot of leaks. Remember it's destiny to stink, it's an idiot's. One that like's himself, and thinks highly of the world that he believes in. We all know that the odds of actually being successful are really slim to none. So enjoy fucking everything up and stop, thinking you have any control. Then in the process of destroying your worthless self, you might, maybe, get to New York city, to see the city, and applaud a rock band you wish you were in. Or oh, imagine you could go to a third world nation, and push one of those African tribe's guy's girl friend onto the dirt road, and fight him drunk while kids die begging to have a day's worth of clean water. This universe the "whole" thing has that kind of space in it too. Lots of stuff that's hard to smash together.


whats to hate? said...

THe Jewish Dude or your mother?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Loved that one. Just watched it the other day. This one's decent too:

He's not Jewish. He's from Argentina, remember?? Who cares.