Monday, June 6, 2011

he thought

"Did you know he died of an overdose?" she asked angry. ""Did you know?" she repeated, he stood there looking her over, scared. "He died for me!" her voice was harsh, strained. He listened to her like she was glowing golden. "He died because I never let him in" her words were difficult for him to listen to. She just kept repeating it, "he died for me!" The sound of her heart became overwhelming, she wanted him to hold her but he just backed off. The two of them were in the same room, he was sober, sitting in the back, he lit a cigarette.
She began to cry. He was unhappy, sitting there watching her waste away.
"He killed himself baby!" he said, his hair curled round his mouth, black long strains of smoke filled the space next to him. "He was younger then us, he didn't deserve to die." he lied. He stood above her aware that he was the worst hypocrite.
"Yes" she remarked. "He was innocent of it all" stopping to catch her breath her face began to flush. "He loved me you know?" said the girl looking through her mangled bag trying to find a smoke. He threw her his packet, she picked it up, looked it over and threw it back. "I fucking hate the shit!" she managed to snort through her sobs. Then she found her kind, in her purse, and tore one out of its package. The smoke irritated her. She coughed.  
"It was her who should have died"

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