Saturday, June 11, 2011

live in the ....not the jam of life

Got plenty of time before the upload is complete. You're sick right?...Well you better be! I can't spend a moment of this eternity with the correct people, the ones who are all dangerously  powerful, and mean. lol. I can't spell. I feed lots of others, I offer myself to get slammed around just asking to take part in that good time. "Fuck off" he told me. "What?" I said "I just wanted to smoke a joint!" It was true, but asking him was not the answer to that, his girlfriend was miserable. He just got her pregnant. They were sad about the abortion, so this night before, they got drunk to get ready to run down their grandmothers dreams and do that there morning after stab. "Fuck off" is a joke that god tells us all. "We need you to see us through!" they said. "It's because you're blind you fucking idiots"he said right before stepping into the lounge to have a drink. Hell is worthless here, heaven is for sale and not everyone can afford to go. But you can pretend to have a taste. There are profits though, they work at trying to pin point where this is going. The good ones know, the young ones are destined to cum back until they understand. The worlds running out though, so they might have to do it as cock roaches. Insects will rule those of us that organize


Regan (not Donald) said...

who's the idiot piss ant!

bumatom said...

Looks like the feelins mutual!