Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiffanie's torture Games

"Do you think that we're unique because we love?" Fred asked angry. "My fucking dog loves me!' he said leaning over the counter looking at Fluffy, his Boarder Collie bichon frise Cross. She looked at him and asked "What do you think?" then stopped, the silence between the two was overwhelming for Fluffy their puppy. "Bark" the dog snapped. They both laughed. She looked to her right at Fred who was standing there angry, thinking to himself passively "what makes me so different then an ape? Or my dog!" She just watched him. He looked so unhappy, bewildered. Looking at their dog, thinking about evolution she got down on her knees and looked up at him.  His eyes met hers. Then slowly she began to crawl on all fours, past Fluffy, towards him. It made him laugh watching her pant in front of him.


Anonymous said...

it's torture isn't?

get off your knees! said...

to many ways to communicate on the internet.

Anonymous said...

such as G-mail reader?? (shared items/notes)