Monday, December 6, 2010

hold it! hold right on to it boy!

She stays out late, she can always find a patron to deliver a free drink or two. She can hang on to her own dieing breath so that he can supply another mouthful of mourning. She is constantly on the look out to find the next hot spot, she'll use you to get there and she'll ditch you to stay there. She loves a nice ride, and she was also born to drive. She listens to them for me, and tells me what they say. She makes me wait for her. She is always right, even when she is wrong. She thinks she is the most important. She is the most important, she will steal from you. She can steal you. SHe is a ghost, she is psychotic. She is gracious and she poised to survive this. She knows the city, she is from several countries, she is cultural. She will use you till you make her a sandwich, she will cum all over you. She can have road rage. She is from so much more then him. She can handle herself. She can get you there, and she has and she has. She is a great cook. She is one of us, sure you might not see her, but she is here and it's nice to know that I'm right. I know. I am reaching toward something that rips me up. Makes me brave and faithful and scared. I want to.

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