Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gotta fill this medium

I imagine taking a chain saw to it and cutting it off. It is constantly on my mind, I would do anything to remove it. I wish I could put a nail through it, pierce the fabric of its nature. I can't it's my soul. The roots run deep, cutting the head off would just make it stronger, I know I tried. The roots run deep eh, what do you do? Dig deep, or dry it up and pull it up. It hurts and it's obvious patience is going to be an obligation, cause it'll only spread, and trust me you don't want that. You're going to have to find the right therapy too. Writing is good, (not necessarily the writing to certain audiences, my only audience:), I'm trying to broaden out again, with the poetry and the psychotic posts. Yes! yes you are. THat's good. Cool. See writing works and it allows you to creatively vomit out your insides. I guess I'm going to expose this every inch of the way,  with my CONTEXT. Yes, but writing is also as powerful as a chainsaw, and you're an idiot with a chainsaw attached to the internet. You're sick. Yeah I know. Hey let's go pick at it......k. With a tack, yeah cause if the devil doesn't like it he can step on a TACK. Whatever, just try not to destroy anything, you might fuck something up. Yeah, but it feels God.

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