Friday, December 31, 2010

Because I was an excellent lover

all those whore moans
keep me awake late at night
your taste
your chemical waste
what pill when?
Chaos is typically a boxing match!
for you
with me
the fact is sultry
poultry is gorgeous
that ass
that plumage
I miss the beach when I realized I was in heaven 
I am not dead yet
and and and
I toss
the tantrum today because
and and and
inner thighs in trucks
Kissing a fucking Cunt
I'm blunt
but since i'm no longer with
the whore moaner
I can appriciate
My control over her  


bumatom said...

what did I do to you...Ever! other then stay solid! don't worry I'm still hard, and there is lots left to smash! now looking to find true true taught me to teach! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

but you can't teach that!

Anonymous said...

I'm an excelent teacher

Anonymous said...

I heard they don't cum 98 % of the time.....

Anonymous said...

yeah but I bet he does!