Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Drugs didn't hurt ass Bad

Ass Bad
Really? Ass ...Yes ASS!
Yeah, do you know why?
Cause you knew you could trust them to be what they were...No lies, no Lies.
A mg dose
a an endless amount, but calculable.
Not like this, not like this
This doesn't add up
this is worse, this is real I guess
grown up
listening to a voice I don't have to hear
But I will
Till it's gone
that's the way it works
who's voice?
I don't know
but it makes me feel like the drugs, but it hurts much more. Like If I were to calculate the dose, the number would be infinite
This is my fault
I got addicted
To what?
Fuck. Jesus weren't you listening!
hey don't talk to the Sun of God Like that.
Sorry GOD.

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LadyEdna said...

Are you ok? This post concerns me... You said a while back that we are friends as long as I am not mean. I am not mean, therefore, as your friend, I am here for you. If I can help, anything at all, let me know. I'm a George, not a Curly. Drugs might not hurt as bad, but the guilt is killer.