Thursday, December 30, 2010

LEt it Roll and rock sometimes works! Only if it rains!

I've been there before
blamed for something that means nothing to me
who is she
who cares
Who are you
hopefully happy
gotta keep moving if you wanna make a mark
lets go
down the high way!
on the fucking Highway !
I've driven through the south.
and the southwest
it was hot
and it was cold
I wanna be set on fire
nothin seems to be slowin my
engine down
ah it's turboBody time
Lord have Mercy and don't tax me in love
but you can rip out my heart for the ignorant
pigs in this conversation oh
no no no
I got some new source in the works,
no no no
you going home?
only if you wanna let me die young!
but dude... Your an asshole
we ain't gonna live together!

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