Tuesday, December 21, 2010

takin care of baby

Telephone calls from friends you can't see,
they call you because they are lonely
lonely is a species
an animal
you can't feed
it feeds
Alienation is so correct
and music videos are a dime a dozen
you call them back and tell them you're
busy when you're not
you're busy getting a coffee
it would be nice to have a family
a man a woman and their baby
lieing together awake
watching the  child play
one goes about their day
that's the phone call you wanna make
not just the 'hey what you doing today?"
more like the
wanna be "together forever"
imagine having things work out like in the movies
not a phone call away
why do they want so much from that conversation
best friends
are happy to hear you're
at home

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