Thursday, December 30, 2010

A caicature of a man

The director of a psych ward must find himself feeling strange about himself after he retires

decides he told to many kids what they were going to do

how they were going to die

why of why

do people

remove themselves from...

that incredible portrait of themselves

that does not exist

I keep old memories around

some people keep their stuff

some have a life they hold

in a place

in our face

That director was ugly


NYC taxi photo said...

caricature? I couldn't spell it either, and then it was underlined red, and then i right clicked it, and then I corrected it!!

It's your title. it should be spelled correctly.

NYC taxi photo said...

plus, to, is too! as in too many, not going to the store.

Are you still driving a taxicab even? It just seems to me if you're going to put something out for everyone to see, you should at least show some respect for the time they are waisting.

Anonymous said...

wasting....(your waist is your mid-section) ;)

bumatom said...

WOw you were faster then me! Thank you! :) Im such a looser.