Friday, December 17, 2010

Alice is in Jail, no no he ain't gonna die!

There are tolls you have to pay, when taking the road you choose. No matter what road you're stuck paying your dues. Everyone is. The fact is most of us either end up paying dues on a road we never intended on staying on, or we turn around and head back home to plan another route. What's better? Some people end up at home never leaving the safety of their dwellings. Bound and chained to their spot. I remember paying unexpected tolls. Never bad though. There was never a troll under the bridge waiting to rob my ass.(I'm Lucky[I've crossed some sketchy bridges]) I've had such a good life. the price to pay for it is small compared to what I'm getting out of this existence. I comprehend that. "Here comes the rooster Yeahhhhhhhhh, he ain't gonna die"....who was that?
The best part about what's happening to me lately is that it's doesn't get easier  as I go, and there is more and more decisions for me to make. I can't lie around and jerk off, I have to keep the momentum going, it's not about a girl, until it's about a girl.  Snuff that shitttttttt!

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