Thursday, October 16, 2008

Work More for less

SO tonight was a really great Wednesday. I bought the New Kings of Leon CD, it’s worth it. So because I had such a great night I want to write about an issue I have with Edmonton employers. I fill up at this gas station on the west end. The women that works there has given up twelve years of her life there. That’s her job and she loves that gas station. She works the night shift, I’ve written about her in the past. SO anyway she works the night shift alone. All by herself. It was not always like this, there is a new set of owner who say they can’t afford to pay another employee. That’s such bull shit. I made a video of some people who work the night shift and they have some things to say that might effect the way you feel about the person you buy gas from in the middle of the night. Oh and the CBC says its coming in the cab on Friday, I think.

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NYC taxi photo said...

wow, I hope its a big success too. The video is great.