Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have a Happy and Safe long WeekEnd

Long weekends are said to be the deadliest for Road Warriors who travel on the big streets of this world. I wonder why. Tonight the city seemed so sweet. Quiet. The bars were half full. The night was slow but moving. No traffic other then the usual construction delays on 82 ave. Between Filthy McNasty's and Calgary trail. That area is a prime pick up spot. Who did I drive? Lots of new customers and some old ones. I'm driving a Young man from Fiji, very cool. Love to see Edmonton Influence others from all over the world. I have a group of girls who are Australian, and a chick whose studying psych she's uptight but in a good way. There was this rich St Albert kid who graduated and got one degree and is going back for another. He had to pick up his passport. "Coke Run". Crazy. Tipped me 2┬║Bones. I had a great night, lots of cultural people. People from everywhere. Man I love this job. My last fare was a couple of women that I drove and wrote about in the past. The first time I picked them up I gave them the blog URL and my cell number. I never saw them again. Tonight they called me out of the blue, both of them teach a language. They're cool, I knew it the first time I picked them up, weird and cool. I saw a car accident tonight. A deadly one. I took my last fare to see it, they wanted too and if you want I'll take you too.

99st and Sask Drive


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