Saturday, October 18, 2008

Je parle en Francais

Ready for a midnight run? So what happened to me this evening? Well I picked up this group of well dressed finely groomed dudes from Montreal. They wanted a strip joint, so I drove them to the strippers. When we got there one of them (an Albino) wanted a street walker, I told them that on Fridays it's hard to find working girls because Edmonton has a huge thirst for dirty elicit street sex, especially after an Oilers game. The girls disappear into all the big 4 by 4s and rig pigs cars. Theses guys weren't rig pigs, but they wanted to get there albino friend laid. I also told them that I would drive them to the north side but there is no way that they were going to use my vehicle to solicit sex with. When they found a hooker (the first one they saw) I drooped the Albino off and he went and got the hooker to agree to have sex with him and hook his buddies up with some crack. Man I would have never guessed that these dudes smoked crack. The Hooker was rough. I looked at her and I thought wow what a life. Prostitutes are broken women, the street walkers at least. They find themselves in such a screwed up world and they fear everything. These guys were nice people, no joke they fuck hookers! The albino really liked the women and she thought that was creepy, because it was making her feel good. I dropped them off at the CI in the west end. Fuck! I watched them go into the hotel, drinking cans of Pepsi to smoke the crack out of. they each got a bag. I love Montreal. It's what makes me Canadian.

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