Sunday, October 26, 2008

My weekend went just wrong

I had another eventful evening, this young women plowed into my drivers side. I was crossing an intersection on the yellow light. She turned into me. It came out of nowhere, but once I saw it it was to late, she just decided to turn, she was suppose to wait until I crossed the intersection. It happened fast, all accidents do. It was not my fault. I have video of the witnesses, she turned into to me, her wittiness said I was running a yellow meaning that I was able to stop but I continued into the intersection on the yellow. The light was yellow. I have all the witnesses saying that. I ran into a fence, after she hit me I mean, the car just kept moving, the brakes did not seem to work, or I was skidding. The Crown Vic took it. The impact was barley felt, but she almost hit me square on the drives side door. Thank God she missed. I almost hit a pole and a garbage can. wow. I would post the clip of her on her cell phone but I won't. I got a ticket, Failure intersection Yellow, 150$ and a fine and 3 demerits, its because of the witnesses, I have video of their opinions 30 seconds after it happened, they all said speed was not an issue but I ran the yellow, but I was in the intersection when the light was yellow. That girl was not paying attention, you can tell, I think she was high. She had a bad ass boyfriend who showed up like as soon as I took out the camera. He looked like a ..., but what do I know? This happened in a shady neighbourhood, 107 A ave and 97 St the home of pimps and whores.
What is this?

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Bartosz said...

if, according to the witnesses you went through on a yellow, then she was turning left on a red. I say you take that shit to traffic court.