Friday, October 10, 2008

Bill Kennedy and ten second epic

Ok so tonight was not a great night for raking in the big bucks but I did get some new clients that hopefully will pan out to be great people to work for in my Taxi future. Now the city itself is changing. There is less $$$$$ floating around to be thrown around. You can just tell. The roads are in a state of panic with all the crappy construction contractors not finished and the snow is coming. Now for the good stuff, my last fare was a dude who plays a guitar for a local band that's going to be big. Ten Second epic. I have been a fan of the band since I first heard them. There is a few bands out there that are from E=town that are growing but most suck compared to Ten Second Epic, I like their music and I was happy to drive their guitarist for free, and he tipped me very well so thanks. I hope he calls me up for a ride so I can meet an almost famous person a little more. Hey has any one out there heard of the kings of Leon, Fuck man now that is a great band as well, They have been helping me through some shit and I dig. One more awesome thing to say about tonight. Anyone out there listen to NIN Megadeath, well I met the man behind the recording of some of their records, His name Bill Kennedy a mega music producer and a great person and loving son. He was in my taxi tonight. I hope they call me again. Any one from the new clients to the music maker call please keep my life as joyous as you already have hahahahah.


Anonymous said...

that's amazing. my ex would be ever so greatful to meat the producer [was it?] for nine inch nails. he is still a very good friend of mine.
ps: write something about me lol

Anonymous said...

hah i like how i spelled meet like meat the food. i guess i have food on the mind maybe

d + r = haye jude fantastico said...

hey dude isn't kings of leon coming to edmonton soon?