Friday, October 17, 2008

oh + 2 Saudi Arabian ladies and their Sun

What a dead night. Nights like tonight leave me driving around asking God why? Why what? What's the point of trying when there is not that much to try to achieve. Then I realize that its the devil I'm talking to. HAHAHA I'm not on drugs I just spent most of my night looking for a fare and found Jack shit. I drove an elderly man for free, his schizophrenic wife ditched him. He told me he did not have a mental illness but he was arrested for fighting his crazy wife on a street corner. What a hoot. My last fare was great, because I barely made enough cash to fill the tank up by that point and this guy was an out of town trip. 68$ no tip the dude woke his dad up to pay the bill with his VISA. His dad wasn't even pissed that his fully grown son partied for the last four days and spent all his money then took a 70$ ride and got him to pay it. I wish that was my DAD. I have a decent father though. This guy told me that the roads in heaven are paved in gold, if they are it's cause Gods wife made him do it.

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