Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Zealand is not a suburb of Australia is it?

Wow what a night. First of all I think I owe dispatch and apology the video I published before might have been inaccurate, (my radio might have been broken or something like that. That type of situation does happen but no one should be fired because the Radio might have been on the fritz. So tonight I drove mostly dudes, and all of them were rather great people. I on the other hand was a crazy shit talker who probably talked peoples ears off. It seemed to me that they were listening, but they might have had enough of me at a certain point but I just kept talking. Sorry to those of you who did not appreciate my opinion but tonight I felt like I had something to say. I told people the way the city really is, (at night) behind the wheel of a Cab. Now to my dispatch, wow there is a guy running the radio up there who I really like. He takes care of the biznass. I listened to him and I like him because he makes sure the people listen to what he has to say. I follow the rules so he never has anything bad to say to me. I did break a rule tonight that I'm kind of ashamed of. There was this guy who called a couple of taxis, I hate when that happens because I was the second on the scene, The first taxi guy had picked up the dude and thought he could just drive away."No no" if there is a cab convention on my time I make sure that we settle things correctly, I called dispatch and asked what was going on. The whole time we were talking the client(asshole) was talking shit to me. He was a white racist fellow, but he was talking shit to me about how I took so long and the first black cabbie that came to pick him up took a couple of girls instead. He wanted to use derogatory terms but since the driver of the car he was in was of East Indian decent the words kept getting jumbled in his mouth. I told the other cab driver he could drive the DINK, and that was my mistake, he heard me. The word just slipped out and I feel guilty as hell for speaking to another drivers client like that, even though he wasted my time. I had no right to call the man a dink, and I feel bad about it because it just slipped out I had no control over myself. It's a lesson I won't forget. To all you people who listened to my rant last night "Thank You."


Anonymous said...

i don't think dink is that big of a deal, unless it has some meaning i don't know of.

pachuco said...

Hey Jacob, I was one of those guys fortunate enough to get into your cab last night, it was more like a roller coaster ride thanks to your ranting. I found it impressive that you managed to talk almost nonstop from the northside to downtown and to three different destinations in millwoods and points south. You were humorous, insightful and just plain interesting. Thanks for highlighting just how much of a shit-hole this city is becoming, it's something that should be obvious if you watch the news every night but it really brings it into perspective when you hear it from someone who experiences it first hand every night.
Good luck with all your projects and keep up the good fight my friend.