Saturday, October 25, 2008

My phone keeps dieing

So the CBC wired the taxi, the coolest shit. Tiny cameras, I pick up a personal fare, and a couple of people, we chatted about Edmonton and Celine Dion. Not many fares were there. I pulled up to the oil city and some dude smashed my window. There were three kids in the car, email me kids I got footage of your asses, what a crazy thing, I was so excited about this, and it ended so aaaaaa. The city is gross and it showed itself on national TV with Scott Fralick. Fate, destiny, I don't know what to say, I called 911, I think I recorded myself talking to 911, Wow, those conversations are always frantic. It's because there were ten cops fifty feet in front of us. They were on the ball, they caught the guy, The cops did good on me so far. We have him on tape. Why oh why did this kid choose to break a window? my window tonight. Fate is the answer, fate it the key, It drives a crazy reality. Our reality if you live in this city, my city Edmonton. I had a guy following me with a camera, I hope we can do it again. except prepared, tonight was fucked up in my opinion. The clip is too long to download, i have to find a way to get it to you guys. This was an eventful night, CBC the police the situation the taxi. It looks strange when your sober, the reality because what happened tonight was not what I was expecting this to look like. I wounder what the CBC will make it look like. Can't wait to see the outcome of this whole situation. It sucks he broke the window. Ass hole he is going to jail.I have to start seeing what happens to all these police files I have written up many witness statements.


Anonymous said...

hey i just want to say that i drove in your taxi last... you picked me and friends up on whyte ave... and i think that its really unforunate what happened to you down town! and I hope everything works out for you.

Anonymous said...

last night***