Monday, October 13, 2008

I love This kind of work

Tonight I kicked a person out of my cab. I think that they were being so belligerent because I'm a white kid. The Dude I kicked out was East Indian. He was disrespecting me, by saying I was a shitty cabby and he thought the city should take my taxi away(there was more). He was an awful old man, one of those angry people I hope I never become. He was also the third or forth person I have ever kicked out of my taxi in almost three years of driving. He was close enough to his house to walk and I did not charge the asshole for the thirty dollars he already owed me. He got to me though.
I also met this bouncer that told me that the police turn a blind eye on organized criminals, maybe it's because the EPS is on the take. Corrupt cops, mmmmmm is that possible? I won't say what bar he worked for, or what criminal organization but they were both big ones. The boom is over. Kinda. Gas is Cheap, and people died this long weekend in car accidents. Wow was there ever a lot of accidents this weekend. I shot a video of this dude that got put out on 82 ave. Right in the middle of the street. This city is getting dirty. The economy people. Bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

Street Phite

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