Saturday, February 16, 2008

When I was Seventeen I knew it All.

Friday nights are sweet. Maybe it was the burlesque dancer that showed off her costume. I'm sure that girl can put on quite a show. There was also just a lot of good people out tonight. My personals are always good. I did call 911 tonight on this street racer. I was driving up Belgravia off of fox drive when I wanted to do a lane change, so I do the usual lane change shoulder check and proceeded, but before I knew it an asshole going at least 160km/hr threw his vehicle in my way, I was lucky that me and the four people I was driving in the car managed to get out of his way, but then the truck he was racing almost killed us. Belgravia is a 50km/hr road. The assholes were forced to stop behind traffic at a red light. One of my passengers was so flustered that he wanted to go out and hurt these stupid kids. I told him to memorize the license plat number. We could only see one plate. So when we called it in I told the 911 dispatch guy what had happened and he laughed, and said "how could you read the license plate number if they were going so fast? Were you going that fast? Thats illegal." I had to explain to him that they were forced to stop and thats how I got close enough to see the plate. The cop was arrogant I wounder if he realizes that, the piece of shit should take his job seriously because I'm thinking I'm going to complain about him. All the calls are recorded and his attitude to me was like I was pranking him or something. I don't prank 911. He kind of shaped up when I told him I'm driving a taxi, some cops are just ignorant pigs, but not all of them. There is one other thing that happened to me tonight, I got a call from a personal client, he was in the passenger seat of a car that was being driven by an extremely drunk individual . He was also with two girls one of the two needed to go to St.Albert, I told them to get out of that car and wait for me. The drunk guy drove them to my personal fares house, stupid. I got there to drive the lady to St.Albert. My personal client came along for the ride. On the way to St.Albert I asked the girl how she knew my client, she told me that she had flagged him down on Jasper ave. So she got in a car with two guys she had never met, and the driver was so drunk he was bouncing off curbs. My next question was "how old are you?" she said "seventeen" I looked at my client with disgust. He picked up a seventeen year old off the street with a drunk guy. Both my client and this girl need to get their heads screwed on straight. The seventeen year old did not think she was engaging in risky behavior because she thinks she can handle herself in fucked up situations. So as we were driving to her house I asked her if she could tell me where she was. She had no Idea. I told her that if I dropped her off in the neighborhood that we were in at that time, she would not get picked up for a ride home but more like a ride to hell (if you get my drift), pimps and whoes. The young girl didn't care she thought she knew it all. Seventeen, I guess thats the only time in a humans life when we actually do know it all. Well I gave her my number and blog address, so that if she ever decided to jump into a strangers car she should try me first, I also gave her my blog address and told her to read it cause I was going to write about her. She might read it you guys, so please leave her a comment so she can read what you guys and gals think about her behavior. Peace, stay safe, oh and rock on.


Paradise Driver said...

Sweetheart,I can't even guess how many young ladies I interviewed in the hospital after a rape or assault because the girl had accepted a ride from strangers. And they were the lucky ones.

Oh, I am a retired cop.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is the girl taht Jacob is talking about.
I understand your concern, I know that I don't know everything.

My mom is an intensive care nurse, I know the risk of what happens by flagging down cars and it's not something I do often... actually it wasn't something I had done in forever.

I don't " know it all" I knew that by taking a risk that something could happen but I was just too upset and too desperate to care.
I really did appreciate the favour that Jacob did for me,

But I'm not as naive as he claims me to be. It's not that I didn't know the risks, I just didn't care.

I knew that if something bad were to happen, then I would probably be telling a different story, but
infortunantly my impulsiveness leads me to do some stupid things.

But you get me wrong if you truly believe that I don't the risks. Because I do.

But maybe next time I'll just leave myself stranded in the cold, alone
in downtown edmonton,
i'd rather have taken a risk by flagging down a car, than to have taken a risk by letting myself sleep in the street.

I got myself into the worst of situations, and couldn't find a way out; desperation at it's best.

But I do appreciate your advice and concern. But like I said, it's really not something I do. It was more like a night gone wrong and I would do anything to fix it type thing.

So thanks again :)


heatherrreloise said...

well i can (thanks to the girls comment) see where she is coming from.

i do remember how just two years ago i thought i knew everything though.
i knew what i was doing and what i was risking and was out to prove everyone wrong.
oh boy, i'm glad i grew up.
(kinda lol)

bRaT said...

17 year olds have something to prove... we always do... that's what makes most of us so stupid...

i have one thing to prove.. and that's to myself... so my head is screwed on pretty straight..