Saturday, February 9, 2008

- 36 celsius Without Wind Chill, -44 With

Saturday was hot, Not. Fuck it was beyond cold. How can I explain the cold to you people who know nothing about it? O.k tonight for example, I had a drunk fuck get in at Cowboys saloon, the bastard kept talking about how rich he was, and all I could sense from him was that he had had a few too many beers. On the way he kept spitting out the window like a man raised in a barn. He was disgusting, but huge so he got his way the fucker. Well while trying to spit out the window the drunken fool would actually spit at the window. When I got him to his west-end palace he was unable to pay me, he left me his cell phone number, it was a bunk number but at least he was out and no longer spitting in my car like a mule, dirty F1 hybrid. So the spit, what happened to it? The second it hit the inside of the window it froze like in a freezer, but in the inside of my car. I just scraped it off, while watching the son of a donkey fall in the snow. Drunken fucker wasn't even wearing a coat, I could have left him somewhere else and the cock knocker would have been dead because of exposure within thirty minutes.
Tonight there was one surprise a young kid from Fort Mac, this kid is twenty two, makes fifteen grand as an electrician in Canada's hell every two weeks. Instead of being some asshole junkie whore fucker like so many of those Northern workers, this kid had some style. Sure he had some obnoxious bling, like a sixteen hundred dollar pair of shades but the kid had class. He wasn't an asshole twenty two year old, it's nice to see Fort Mac is not all bad, oh and the dude tipped me eighty bucks, all right.
Here's another fate story for you guys. Tonight I picked up this girl, I had some trouble actually getting to her because the apartment she lived in had two exits so we kept crossing each others paths, I almost ditched her, but we came together before I left and she made it to the club in time. Well later that night I received a dispatched call to a hotel, there I picked up a couple. The girl needed to be dropped off downtown and the man had to pick his girlfriend up right off of Jasper ave. After dropping the women off me and the gentleman got to talking about the dangers of being a cabbie, it was a good talk, when we pulled up to pick his girlfriend up she got in and woe and behold it was the girl that I almost ditched, she was like "Jacob" I was like "Corey" and I knew where to take them. What are the chances? Good, I guess.
You guys if you live somewhere where spit does not freeze to the inside of your car windows stay there, this weather is horrible, it makes it hard to believe in Global Warming. Plug in your cars if you are somewhere within this Arctic high cause if you don't the consequences are disastrous. Stay warm peace.

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Merike said...

Nice to hear it has been a normal (?) winter somewhere on this globe. The Finnish south coast has got no snow all winter. I kind of missed it during the darkest days of the year but would not welcome any white stuff at this date. I enjoyed reading you, have a safe day at work!!