Sunday, February 3, 2008

The pipes in my apartament are so loud I can't concentrate

My first fare tonight was a guy who just got his girlfriend pregnant, the dude was in his thirties but wasn't sure if having a kid was happening the way he had planned it. One thing I know for a fact is life can throw a mean curve ball, but a baby means you hit a home run.
Do you know what makes me feel old? It's all these young kids. hahahaha
That was a good one, no I drove a young girl she was in her early twenties. I told her that Nirvana was one of my favorite bands, the funny thing was that she just found out that Kurt Cobain killed himself, she though that Courtney Love did it or it was a drug overdose, No Kurt blew his head off, and I guess that young kids don't know about that stuff, I wounder what I don't really understand about the past? I bet way too much.
The end of my night was nice, one of my personal fares, we got to talking and this lady is so sweet I offered her a free ride she paid anyway, I don't know if she reads this stuff but thank you, you know who you are.
There was also the second last fare, there was four kids on their way to becoming dentists, I respect people who are able to get themselves educated, it's not that easy, but sometimes I feel like just some asshole cabbie, well I got to talking to the guys and I found out I went to elementary school with one of them, I remember him he was a really good athlete and now he's a few months away from being a Dentist, he read my blog, that made me feel good, A little less of an asshole cabby. Hey Greg you ever need to get a hold of me just give me a call, and if you ever need a ride you know who to call.


kelseXy said...

Dude I was at NC last night, I should seriously get you as a Cabby some time that would be excellent.
Yeah I'll have my own place within 3 days. Very excited. I shall have stories indeed.

Elise said...

I love your taxi stories. You must pick up some crazy people all the time..

She didn't know about KurtCobain??

Does she know about Elvis?


noelia ~ said...

i love that "all apologies" song by Nirvana :D

and i just know i'm going to keep running into the people i went to elementary/jr high/and high school with Dx kind of sucks xD

cas said...

hey doll,
just wanted to say your awesome and i appreciated everything you did for my friends and I.( missing out on the saturday Whyte Ave rush to drive us all the way to st.albert and then back to Edmonton.) Oh and I wanted to correct you, I knew Kurt Cobain died and it was suicide I just wasn't sure on all the details. Well hope to see u again!! Maybe another saturday night on Whyte!

kelseXy said...

Even the bus is too expensive these days.
And it pretty much killed me.
For real now.

Anonymous said...

you are a despicable toad who shouldn't be allowed to drive a taxi