Friday, February 15, 2008

DID YOU KNOW? Canadians are Hypocrites

The Alberta Tar Sands are the most destructive operation in the World. Canadians are selling mother nature out. We are worse environmental assholes then any other nation because we try to cover it up. My government is bad and it is a lier and citizen who don't agree with me are just part of the cover up. Fort McMurray Alberta, look it up if you've never heard of it. Toxic Tar Sands. You can see the lakes of toxic waste from space. God help us all, or teach the Canadian Government a lesson.


bRaT said...

I did try searching for it... came up with some news thing.. it's terrible... and the principle cause, is again... OIL... where does it stop?

Anonymous said...

We are all hypocrites.

what to do?


Anonymous said...

oh oh... i know.

let's start a revolution, like no other... mass... huge...

everything is simply one.