Friday, February 22, 2008

................................then I drove home

This was the worst night I've driven in months. Nothing good happened except a reader called me, the only problem was that I was returning from Spruce Grove. Mat I'm sorry I wish I picked you up tonight. I thank you for reading though and please feel free to call anytime. There was a also a message on my voice mail from a Calgary resident, I'm sorry we did not speak but you can call me anytime and if I don't answer text me, you know who you are.
My night sucked, I drove like eight people so there is nothing to tell. Readers I love you without you I would probably drive into.........


heatherrreloise said...

&& we love you!

kelseXy said...

No driving into anywhere!
Except...the ghetto tonight!
My man isn't feeling good and is tired of being the designated driver so I'm calling you for a ride tonight.
If you aren't afraid to pick us up at the shit hole I live in.
And I will probably call you to take us home after.
So yeah. Hopefully you're available for one of those.

Shemley said...

Running not going well bro... Let's get our act together bro!