Sunday, March 20, 2011


Reviewing his to do list, he laid there thinking about tomorrow. "It's finally suppose to be a nice day!" he mentions with excitement in his voice. "What?" She asks him, looking down feeling a little bit awkward. Her mind gets set a drift watching the top of his head. "Remember to text him!" She remarks thinking of Jim from the office, they both have the same hair cut. "What?" he asks, his mouth is full. "Nothing baby." She insists, again settling back to work, he starts thinking about his car, she needs fixing he thinks to himself. Then he remembers splashing the old lady on the way to work today, driving through that puddle. "He ha" the laughter snickering under his breath. Her hand moves over his hair toward his face. "Are you laughing at me." she asks, then moves awkwardly.  "Is it me, am I o.k?" she asks him, annoyed. "I know it's taking a long time. But don't worry, it's not you. Just keep going." Cramming his face back down. "k" he says, already forgetting about the old lady and remembering the phone call he forgot to make. "Fuck!" he say's but going about business as usual. She doesn't hear him, easing her mind on the thought of the boy's at school, the ones wearing uniforms. He seems to be on track she thinks, then looking down at him she realizes that his eyes are staring past her. "You know you're licking my G spot?" she asks, looking right down into his eye's. "What?" He asks, dazed, confused about the questioning. "What where you thinking about while you where licking my pussy." She asks stopping, siting up, then hesitating. "You almost got me off, and you weren't even paying attention, what were you thinking about?" she remarked accusingly then said "I could see in your eyes it wasn't my clit." Sitting there dazed for a moment looking up at her he said

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