Thursday, March 3, 2011

Am I american or Canadian? Would you guess we are women or A man?

A sign on the road, an angle. That's what they think is a sign. What the fuck do they know about signs. The truth, no one knows nothin, I know that, so I make up my own reality. The other day I was driving through some seriously chaotic traffic, it was crazy, fucking cars to the left and right of me. I was so fucking hungry, holy fucking shit, I just wanted to fucking eat, so I was speeding. I was on a freeway, my speedometer read 200km/hr, I punched it. Pushed the limits of the car, I was hungry, what a crazy day. I was speeding... so? Who cares? then my phone rang......Ring a Ding Ding Dong.

It was my mom, she told me something about my fucking dad, ahhh, what an ass hole, I bet he thinks like they do, about that sign on the road, the one slanted on the angle. what the fuck do they know? Nothing!
She told me bout my brother and sister, and how they won't stop fighting. I was living 200km away. I said "Mom there in nothing I can do!" then I hung up. I was on a mission to eat, I need the car to speed up, I neeeeeed to eat. I did't find much success in that, but I tried to move faster, there was a car in front of me...BAM. I blasted past her, It was outrageous. I was hungry. When the guy on the Radio said, that there is a special on. The announcement rang "Cheap eats, sweet Beets. I was totally down..153st. Holy shit I was close on the freeway, such a democracy on the road.
I got exited on the off ramp, so stubborn is the road, it held me down. So I slowed, and followed the traffic, weeping because the sermon was over, and his highness was happy with his choice in partner.
"I'm hungry!" where am I gonna eat, I think, And find the fast food joint going to give me diarrhea. "They all do!" I say out loud. It's a dirty crooked sign that I belong on the road, but what do I know, other then this city, and the cold. The truth is no one can hide, no one is right. Those are the facts. Then I see a symbol up ahead,  lite with neon, to the moon, standing tight in front of me full bloom, what an angel, I was the Swan and Leda my Gyre   I took a ride on back there but that was over 2000 years ago.


Anonymous said...

wow what a mix of random poems and rants. You must be lonely! Who? Who knows? I do.

Anonymous said...

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