Wednesday, March 9, 2011


He held his hands on the frosted mug. "Hot day hey?" he asked jovial. "Yeah" she answered, "it's suppose to be plus twenty seven tomorrow." The two of them standing in the kitchen, point blank to the window, no curtains,  just the powerful force of a spotlight of sun beaming through. "Man, someone should put a curtain in the window, it's so bright in here." She said, covering her eyes with her forearm and palm. She was a gorgeous brunet, thirty three, handsome features. They sat there, he was staring at her shadow, the dark white in contrast to the blown out wall in front of him. "It's so hot in here Eddie" she said "I need to lay down I don't feel well." She was headed for his room. A tight cramped space in the north side of the tenth floor bachelor pad. "No" Eddie said, stumbling at her. He was a large boy. Six foot three, personable. As he came at her, he had a funny look in his eye.
"Where's my friend?" she asked, "Eddie?" He stood in front of her, their gloom cast in contrast to the light hitting the north side of the wall. With Eddie standing in front of her like that she realized that it looked like he was the soul person in the room, no one else there to accept the vigorous and powerful gaze of the sun. As she looked at her mock reflection, the contrasts,  fragmented on the shapes of his body, she thought about how he got her up here, she closed her eyes and looked back into the sun.

"I'm really not in the mood for another drink" she remembered herself saying. He was pestering her, she really didn't mind, she wanted another. They were in a club named The Tantrum Tick. She looked up at him, she was drunk, she remembered and said "Hey daddy!" kicking her foot onto his lap, the two there sitting alone on the bar stools, "do you like my long legs?" He smiled and asked the barkeep for another drink. The Bartender laughed, "Happy hour starts at two" he reached for the Vodka "You got five minutes, so ill take my time, and brew you up a Vodka slime." She remembered the taste of that drink.

Opening her eye's she turned her head back towards him, away from the bright shine of the sun. "Have you ever heard of Yellow Jackets or is it Red Jackets?" She was serious, she could remember the taste of the pills when she was a teenager. "Roofies, or were they speed?" She began to lose herself in her words. "I'm hot!" she exclaimed looking up at him, seeing a haze. "Wanna go to my room" he asked, she was nauseous, couldn't stand. Everything seemed to be falling in on her. Eddie stood there holding her. He knew what he was doing, where she was going, as he lead her into his room, "wanna listen to my Beetles collection?" a smile coming over him as he asked.

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