Wednesday, March 2, 2011

shadow hounds and God

It was three o-clock in the morning when he felt the hunger settle in. He had been behaving like an animal for most of the night. "I'm just so fucking hungry!" he said to his friends. The three of them stood there behind the school finishing up the bottles of booze. "Here" the biggest of the three said in an angry demanding drunk voice. "Jeffrey you better drink this!" the bigger of the three insisted. "Micheal, no!  Stop." Jeffery said, pushing his hand out toward the metallic shot glass the contents of which Micheal was trying to force down Jeffery's throat. "Listen boys" said the third boy sitting on the steps in the moon light. "We have to get something to eat" he stalled, looked up past the shadows and into the moonlight. Then with a few funny drunken movements, he stumbled onto his feet and howled at the moon. Jeffery and Micheal stood at the bottom of the stairs watching their companion howl horrifically at earths satellite. "Fuck he's terrifying" Jeffery said to Michael drunkenly, then finally accepting the shot, he threw it back in his own face.

 On the way uptown the three quickly realized that in the state they found themselves in, in their drunken stupor, they were bound to find themselves in a heap of trouble in the this small town. "Sebastian, we should go back to the house no?  I can eat there, we don't have to go wandering around here in this village in the middle of the night,  who knows what we'd run into" Jeffery said drunk, already starting back in the direction of the house. Sebastian looked at him and said "Shut up! Go home if you want to. Michael and me  are gonna go find something to eat"  nudging Micheal lightly saying "Remember that Tree?" In a whisper.

The two set off in the direction of the Cathedral. It was an old village, Jeffery followed them. They lurked in the shadow, he walked in the lamp light. Behind the Church there was a pasture. The green of the place amazed all three of them earlier that day in the sunlight. Looking back at it Jeffery knew this was going to happen. Sebastien loves to raid the garden when he gets drunk. Earlier that afternoon the three of them had scouted out the plot. It was on of the biggest most magnificent gardens Jeffery had ever seen, "this is an amazing place" he said, his mouth hanging open as he looked through the gate toward the endlessly expanding piece of land. "It's huge" Micheal said, looking past all the trees. Jeffery remembered the look in Sebastien's eyes when he saw the Apricots, all three of them could see the the colors of the ripening fruits. "Look at em!" Sebastien yelled "They're like little salmon in a sea of orchard green." He stopped, they all stared. Leaning up against the fence then, Jeffery had already envisioned Sebastien jumping over the fence in much the same way he actually did in the moon light. Jeffery stood there watching them in the lamp light of the night.

The two boys were in the Garden, it was even more impressive in the moon light. The heavenly body reflecting the suns radiance on the boys. It was like a show, a stage where an act was to take place. Jeffery stood in the middle of the street, he was cold, and hungry but he wasn't going to jump the fence. He watched as the two figures started moving around the vegetation. The were both being  quiet but Jeffery could tell that they were running a muck. "God Sebastien why can 't you just be human" Jeffery said out loud. Then standing there under the spotlight of the moon he began to watch the drama unfold. 

The first sound that tore through the scene was that of a man, "The Priest" Jeffery whispered to himself.  "Demo" Jeffery head the voice of the man say. The two boys continued to plunder the garden. Sebastien even howled at the moon again. "Sick em" Jeffery heard from the corner of his ear. Then he saw them, three black Labradors, stealth, steal and speed in the night. They ran at the two intruders, "Sebastien!  Dogs!" Micheal yelled, but on deaf ears, Sebastien was already in high gear running toward the fence. One of the Labs was right on his heels, Michael was to dunk to run and a bitch jumped and began to maul him. Jeffery could hear his yells, the Priest did nothing. Then it was Sebastien's turn, there where two dogs chasing him, and right as he made it to the fence they got him. Jeffery could hear them scream, both of them. He stood there for a bit then howled at the moon.

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