Thursday, March 31, 2011

Second Cup

'it's funny when a bum say's no to money" she told him, standing in front of the window watching the homeless man reject the help of others. "He's been there for three days!" she announced. "I know cause so have I." She had been there for several days, watching the man, listening to his protest. "I can't stand this countries perception of its self." He would sing to anyone willing to listen and scream to those who had the audacity to try to avoid him. "Recoil then." he would yell, "runaway!" they would run." Cowboy" he'd say. "The tip of my toung is a weapon, and the fact the you're runnin means I'm winning." He was right. He was winning and she knew it. He was sitting on the corner of 101st and jasper.  "There is no one there to listen" she would say to herself when the others had gone out for their mid day coffee. She would watch them cross the road, head towards the coffee shop, avoid him at all costs. It was always such an experience, brilliant the way he was always able to, pounce, laugh, the raid was a rush for him. "Fucking Bum" they would yell. "Come on you asshole, come get your money then." they'd bait. He listened, she watched knowing that he was in for it, alone out there against their money, "you're high honey!" she could hear their voices from the twenty fifth story. She was waiting, sold, looking for the same old good time as those nasty co-workers down there. She liked to watch him handing that bum the money, she could see him asking "let's see it, let's see you kick a car." The bum was funny that way, she could remember them talking bout their encounters and the economy. "Coffee break," he'd state. They would all split. She watched them too, his yes men. "Do it!" their voices echoed through her mind, watching them, "harassment that's all it is" she'd say. "Kick it!" all of them, a company, a corporation, all of them throwing money, yelling. "Come'on kick a car or a bus, look" pointing they' yelled "TAXI". She stood there watching them. The bum turned and kicked. She could here the sound of his skull hitting the windshield, she didn't actually see it, she just knew it the way he he saw it, he dropped the money. It was strange, almost surreal, the way they all just walked away.Their once fists full of money rushing to get a

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