Monday, March 28, 2011

she never did again

"No I knew what they were talking about right from the start" he argued his understanding. "You always say you understand what's going on, even when you don't!" Her voice rang hard and true in his ears, he knew she understood him. He was see through. He loved her for exposing him. "No I knew!" he admitted openly, knowing it was a lie. She gasped, not expecting the blatancy in his blasphemy. "That's not true, I told you.. last night, admit it!" she said, angry confused, but also feeling the situation was beginning to bear a hilariousness. It was a blow to her, he never lied, and here in front of the board he diluted her opposition. It was a blow and it hurt. She had expected him to back down, give her the position. He wasn't going to make it, they both knew that from the start. At least she thought so. "You know where I stand on the position, I've been standing there the whole time." he said. She finally understood. In her amazement, in her unwillingness to believe that he was actually being honest with her from the start she underestimated him. He was in love with her, he knew her, he understood her ruthlessness. "You just broke my heart" he said. All the member of the jury present. The two were facing each other. There was a tension in the air, that corroded her, she felt smothered, "I have..I have...I have the money to back my claim." she was lying. It made them both laugh. Everyone felt the room get smaller, as he regained his climate, he watched her world turn. She was alone now. The crowd was won over with his simple element, his tone and pride. She was shadowed in emotion, tears in her eyes. The moment he turned, fleeting in lies, her ruthlessness was forgiven, cause her heart was drown. "you were right!" He had said to her the night before. "Never say no!"