Saturday, March 12, 2011

My eyes hurt, the back of my head throbbing. "This is not going to be easy" I tell myself. My fever is getting worse, "I can't seem to warm up." I reach down and pick up the remote, the TV  turns on and leaves this faint humming sound in the background. Focusing on the screen is futile, "my eyes, they're like two swollen puffy sores in my mind" I can't help but vocalize. I'm the only one in my house, but still "I figure I should get to talk with an intruder this disastrous." I'm talking to it, my sickness, I guess "It's becoming a delirium." Doesn't worry me though. I've been taking medicine. "Strait out the Drugstore!" I need to develop them, the stereotypes, and try to bring the fever down. Stop the pain, "It's not going to be easy!" I say, my heads about to roll off under the TV. The humming is causing stress "leave it on!" I tell him. He laughs, I seem to get a little sicker. My Mind can't find the pilot. That humming persists, and I wake up in  a cold sweat,

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