Monday, March 14, 2011

and he smashed my brains out

Waiting for the traffic light to change I sit behind the wheel of my hatchback, I'm holding back the clutch. I'm restrained, amputated heartless. I want to get there, move. The light, the red light in front of me is growing longer and longer. It's unbelievable, I've been here for over six minutes and the light on the opposite end of this spectrum is still telling the pedestrian that she's welcome to bridge. The old woman who wants to cross is hesitating because the light hasn't changed in so long. She doesn't want to be caught out in traffic moving too slow. It's happened to her before. She's found herself out there, stuck, paralyzed unable to move fast enough to fake the blinking hand. That time I remember. I made sure to scare the shit out of her. I almost ran her down. Traffic is something you should take seriously. Seriously, don't mess with me in traffic. On the freeway, it's my way or the high way. What's that suppose to mean. Well if you're a granny crossing the God Damn road and you end up in my way. I'll hound you down. Bark, with my horn. Cause I drive a car. If you can't drive, I'll teach you, traffic is a behavior, a bad habit. something you can't change. People are idiots, and then there is rush hour. I'm almost always here at a red light, the color is violent on my way to work. I'm not late yet, but I will be. There doesn't seem to be a logical solution to driving. Taking the bus? Mmm not me, I once saw a girl (who must have been born outside a barn) projectile vomit from one side of the bus to the other. I was an adolescent, so was she, but it bothered me.  The fact that it made me feel sick was normal I thought, but when I watched the others, the people using the public transit, they all took it, liked it, smiled,  a grain of salt lost on a kitchen table. One man didn't even lift his shoe as a wave of it crept up on him. He just read the sports section in the Sunday Sun. The driver gave the girls a hardy good bye as they fled the scene. Stinking. I was forced to sit on that bus for another half hour. Now I'm stuck at this ....Green light, and wouldn't you know right as I'm crossing the intersection some old coot ran the red. He was a bus driver,


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