Friday, March 18, 2011


"Close the window" he heard his mother tell him. "Sure mom" he yelled, not making any move toward the latch. He sat there staring out. The moon was huge, "It's a full moon"  he whispered to himself, looking up, twinkle in the eyes. He was watching her from his window. He noticed the way she kept the blinds open over a year ago.  She was only Jessie's mom back then. He knew she wanted him to look because the first time she caught him watching them, the first time she ever laid her eye's on him, he was behind her. They were making love. He was only fifteen but he could see the two of them in his window. It was thrilling, wondrous, stimulating and new.
"Thomas" he heard his mother cry from behind his door. It frightened him, she stormed in, he was still staring through his window, watching her, the two of them wild. "What are you doing?" she asked him in a accusing tone. It annoyed him, cause he knew she wasn't going to accept his answer "nothing." "Thomas, look at me" she demanded. He was still behind the curtain, trying to keep his eyes off the two of them. Hoping that she would turn off the lights, hoping his mother wouldn't notice what he was doing. "Thomas, come out here" she exclaimed. He did as he was told. "So Tommy, how was school?" he knew what she was going to be getting at, he failed an essay a week ago, and since the teacher never received a the signed copy of it, he knew Mrs. Jerkins would have called. "Mom I know what you're gonna say!" Thomas commented before his mother could even mutter a word.

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