Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My reflection in the mirror lost its wits for love

"So what is it all about?" She asks him, full of angst. "I'm alone here, waiting for you to answer me" tear rolling down her check. "Baby, you really think I can answer that?" he responds, shaking his head looking down. "Just tell me what you think it is all about?" she asked again, tearing up. Her appearance pissing him off he says, "You're suppose to be beautiful all the time." All he could think about was how ugly they got when they faked sadness. "You want to know what I think" a pause "o.k" he stopped and looked at himself in the mirror. Then looked over at her.  She was watching him, he pulled it out, his gun, and pointed it at his reflection. She was stunned, and scared, looking over at her he could tell she was watching. He kept the barrel pointed at himself, he looked forward and said "If I could pull the trigger and shoot myself without breaking the mirror I would." He stood there "it's all slight of hand, quick" the words fumbled out of his mouth. She sat up staring into the mirror, their eyes met in the reflection. "Quick, pull the trigger" she yelled, impatient. "It's not a real gun" he said saddened.  "You're suppose to sacrifice yourself for me" he said. "Who said?" she asked.


Kid_Tsunami said...

Wouldn't it be nice to put substance to that trigger. Dig this man.

bumatom said...

dude you gotta be dead