Monday, April 27, 2009

Boring work week? then get another job

Move the fuck along is all I can say. When shit gets you down, just get the fuck up. I met this boxer tonight. Young kid. Well he recently came back from a tournament that he won. That's what he thought. The judges said it was the other guy. The crowd said it was my fare. You guys ever seen Rocky. Now that's a great movie. When I was a child I would watch Rocky and then go out and kick all the kids asses. I was the toughest mother fucker on the block. I told my Fare (the Boxer) that if he understood his dream by the time he was 19 he should continue to pursue it. Most people have no Idea who they are. Until they die. Most people are followers and zombies. Boxing is a vicious sport. Brutal. It's not golf. The kid had his head on straight and he inspired me. Tonight I had a weirdo try to take a dump in the car. He would not give me the address he wanted to go to. A bouncer shoved him into my taxi. He wasn't all that fucked up, he was just a weirdo. I took him to the west end with the intent of dropping him off at the cop shop. I told him to runaway at the red light or pay the fare. He didn't run till we were a block away from the west end police station. He never succeeded in taking a shit in the back seat. He never paid me. I love Sundays. Hell I Love anytime I'm not stressing. Stress is going to kill me soon, or a passenger with a knife. Screw the world it's Monday. How is working the day shift anyway? And remember what I told you, take her to the zoo.


Hit 40 said...

The day shift is definitely better than all night.

Better cliental. I don't think they would try to take a dump in your cab.

taxitalk said...

that's what you think a
who knows?
I've driven home an old lady that shit herself on the way home from Superstore

taxitalk said...

it was an accident
a stinky one

Tanya said...