Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss Wild I loved you

Finals. Exams. University is on hiatus for a while. Finals mean sex in the car. Passions thrown at loved ones, or just someone else. Anything to forget about the stress. I never stressed over university. Multiple choice is a JOKE. I hope all you kids out there feel educated. They got drunk. Oh I got drunk at Gob you guys. I even gave the lead singer Tom the URL. After the show we took a taxi to my buddies house. We stopped at the Tops Liquor store to get some beer. I was to drunk so I sat outside the store trying to purge some of the booze I had consumed with absolutely no thought of the consequences. So I'm out there when the clerk (I knew it was a tops clerk cause only brown dudes work there) is being thrown around by another guy. The two were fighting over a bottle. The clerk was getting robbed. I was loaded and trying to puke on the corner of the building (to no avail). The perp got away. The bottle of Crown was stolen. The clerk sat on his stoop and stared up at the sky. My friends said they would be witnesses, but Mr.Clerk said "it's all on camera." He went back inside. This morning when I woke up I heard on the news that someone killed a man working at a Spa, then robbed a liquor store. When trying to run away he noticed police and blew his brains out. Weird. The guy that robbed the tops liquor man was a white guy. The murder suicide guy was black. That's what I heard. There were drugs and alcohol involved. Tonight was fun. Kids where finished finals so they where getting loaded. I had fun with everyone. I drove my gangster girl. It's been a while since I saw her. To tell you the truth I thought she was dead. Well she's going to jail for at least five years according to her. She was high tonight. She thought the police helicopter was following me. I never saw it but hey. She said she might make it onto Edmonton's most wanted. That would be cool. Good thing I paid no attention to where I dropped her off.


cable guy webbs said...

I heard about the guy robbing the spa, killing the spa owners husband, robbing a liquor store then shooting himself once the police arrived, yesterday. The first thing I asked was if it was in Millwoods? Why do I think that if there was a shooting that it happens in Millwoods?

Nicole said...

Gosh, I feel like such a good girl. After finals I just take more naps than normal and then begin a full time job for the summer.

Then again, waking up and puking all over is never something I enjoy.

taxitalk said...

I won the tickets
It was Gob at the Strippers
I behaved myself up until I got out of that cab
I realized I was done
I fell asleep on my buddies floor.
Perfect really

Tanya said...

Gob played at the strippers? Interesting...

That's funny that people have sex in cabs I could not imagine it myself LOL

Hit 40 said...

So cool that you and the cable guy are neighbors?