Saturday, April 4, 2009

check stop-Jasper 124st- Africa

Ha hahahahah that's my evil laugh. Tonight I dropped by the Grant MacEwan College. They were putting on a blog boot camp. There is a link but I don't know it. Well I dropped in and presented all the organizers with my card and the URL to the taxitalk. Well they announced it to the room of marathon bloggers. One of the people participating stepped up and said "Hey I'm "Ben" I read your blog." I was tickled pink. Well all the people there were cool. That's what I though. A few hours later I got a phone call from Ben, the kid who read my blog he said to me "A great injustice has accrued, The boot camp was a contest for a Mac book. Whoever received the most hits got the book. I got over 220, the winner of the Mac book only got 202." He was robbed. Those bastards stole his Mac book. Ben, life is a bitch. Last night I had to drive around a lot of ungrateful assholes, except as soon as they sat in the back of my Cab their lives went from empty, boring and ugly to "Hey we have a magical cabby!" Yes kids I am more then just and asshole that drives a cab I'm a ......pansy that needs to get a better education but not at that two faced school Grant MacEwan College. I heard they treat people from other countries like nobodies. My last fare was a 16 year old, cooked! out of her mind on something. Her diabetic friend decided to stay home and not go visit with a bunch of twenty somethings. I can never understand how adults can chill and do drugs with children. This 16 year old told me she had a rough week. For some reason I said "pregnancy" she said "yes I just had an abortion, my boyfriend wasn't ready. We broke up." Yeah and you killed a baby. I don't care what you pro choice mother fuckers think a 16 year old should not be allowed to have an abortion and then turn around and go fuck another worthless jerk off that feeds her illicit drugs. For all I know that kid in her ignorant gut was the new Jesus sent here to burn down the establishment.

I might be a hypocrite. This might be endless


Anonymous said...

Both Ben and you should consider checking facts just to make sure that you have credibility.

The criteria for winning the contest wasn't only net votes, there were rules and stipulations clearly explained during the contest as to the content as well. "Ben" who's actually a contestant by another name didn't fulfill his obligations.

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

You forget,
Those aren't the kind of people who should be having children.
It's better that way.

taxitalk said...

anonymous my facts are mine
you would not happen to have the link would you the the blog boot camp
Ben never sent me the links to his shit, the only reason I wrote such a post is because the counselors at grant mac would not even look over my University transcripts because I went to a high school in new mexico that was not up to par. I almost became a nurse and hey anonymous don't you write? give us a link to your blog maybe you could give us the right facts. Cause anonymous comments are weak and I know you know that so send me a link

ancient nation said...

It's grant mac, what the hell do you expect? An average school in a shitty town.

Hit 40 said...

A taxi would definitely give you endless ideas to blog! Most of us have kids. So, lots of recipes on line and baby stuff. I teach - I am also bewildered by parents doing drugs with their kids. They also deal. So, their kids friends are their customers. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Read the rules read his blogs.

In your blogs you can use text, audio, video or photos that you create. If you use other sources, please reference them with a link.
Text from other sites must be block quoted and referenced. Limit single quotes to 75 words.
Audio, video or photos from other sites must be referenced
Please avoid use of profanity.
No use of sexual imagery.
Bloggers will be able to go back and add to, or modify, previous posts.
Comments will be open on all blog posts
Readers will be able to vote on your post by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down
Final judging of the top five entries will be by our expert panel.
Based on the highest difference between thumbs up and down.
Entries must be original work, produced during the 9 hour period and final entries are subject to a plagiarism check.
Must have written it yourself (no plagiarized content), during the 9 hour contest - nothing can be pre-written
One hour per topic, except for the final topic.
Prizes must be accepted as awarded, no substitutions.
Entrance to contest - open to Grant MacEwan College students only
Entries are not owned by GMCC School of Business but reserves the right to use the content in perpetuity.

The rules are under the rules/topics link at the top right. We all know which his blogs are. THE ONES THAT ADD UP TO A WIN.

Sorry the requirements of ben being a business student pet weren't met. However the contest rules state: Open to all Grant Macewan students.

HE DID EVERYTHING THEY SAID. They couldn't even give him a reason for why he didn't win, they just blew him off.

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD someone stopped you becoming a nurse! You are one of the angriest people i've ever come across, not really nurse material. From your spelling I can tell you probably wouldn't even hack it in Uni anyway, so good luck in the cab...

You and Ben should go jerk each other off and cry about your luck.

ancient nation said...

I'd rather hang out with a poor speller than a prick. I love people like you, you'd never say that to his face - or mine, and yet here you are posting anonymously at your keyboard about it. Bravo. Internet tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Aww, it's so sweet when losers stick together!

ancient nation said...
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ancient nation said...

Assumptions aren't things that educated people usually make. Surely an educated person would have to know someone before they can fully judge them. But I suppose that's your game. Have fun with it, hiding behind the veil of "anonymous", if you cared to discuss this further in person I'd feel better about that, at least you can properly judge me after that.

It's pretty easy to be an instigator like yourself when you've got no name or face. Certainly not the way a mature individual carries him or her self when talking to others.

Anonymous said...

I'm not interested in anything you have to say, ancient nation.
I made a comment on the author of this blog, that is all. As far as I know, people write blogs so that other people will read them and give feedback.

Now fuck off.

ancient nation said...

As I recall you were interested, and as far as I can tell you have no intention of actually discussing this, you'd rather stay faceless and nameless. Fine by me, it just shows how incorrect and ignorant you are, making such large judgments against two people, two people whom you've never met before.

If you really wanted to have discourse and discuss something you'd go about it in a much more mature manner than you did here.

I surely hope that you don't go to the aforementioned college, surely someone who makes such rash assumptions is not a true sample of that school's pedigree.

You have nothing to say in person? Then don't bother saying it hidden behind that keyboard of yours. How childish.

I welcome meeting you in person for a friendly discussion about the state of Edmonton and the role citizens and the EPS play in keeping the streets safe. You just go right on ahead feeling comfortable keeping that position of anonymity.

Even though it's the cowardly thing to do, but hey - you don't need me to tell you that. You can say "fuck off" all you want, it doesn't mean a thing until you can be man (or woman) enough to say that to someones face. Chances are you wouldn't, because the internet gives you security to say things you'd otherwise not normally say, pathetic.

Anonymous said...

What is all this crap about saying things in person?
Ancient Nation, don't you have a blog too? Is your legal name ancient nation? I'm guessing not, which makes you just as anonymous, fyi.

People aren't obliged to meet you in person just because they don't like a random blog or blogger you like. It isn't your right to know someone's identity or have them explain their opinions to you face to face. It's pretty pompous of you to keep insisting on that. I kind of think you're being a douchebag too, but I don't need to meet you in person to tell you that. Why don't you just get over it?

ancient nation said...

I guess you're just happy proving my point. You're anonymity is your safety, the point of having a conversation in person is to take away that blanket of safety you so graciously sit behind.

It isn't a threat of violence or potential violence, you won't say those kinds of things to someones face will you? I'm guessing not, BUT I'll leave that open to you.

If you were so interested in having a mature conversation about the ideas presented in this blog (spelling mistakes or not) then you would welcome such a meeting. But since your intention is childish and angry, it's obvious that you're intentions are not virtuous in any way shape or form. You'd rather sit there talking disrespectfully to people whom you've never met. Real smart.

All that doesn't change the fact that you're behaving like a childish coward. Hey, that's your life, these are the choices you've made, you can have it all your own!

Your presence here is one of instigation and nothing more. A cowardly position, one fraught with childish behavior and ignorant assumptions.

I guess I don't need to meet you in person to tell you that either.

The difference with me is that I'd say that to your face, the things you say..... well that's another matter.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit about your point, actually, which was kind of the point I was making. I don't know how I can make that any more clear. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

ok, cut it out, that's enough. both of you. time to spread some love. maybe u should just both laid. =P

Anonymous said...

get laid. u both need to get laid.