Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pink Sox

So what's up on this night. So much it's overwhelming. I think the key cause of my stress lately is financial. Not getting what you deserve makes people want to go out and fist one another, get it? Probably not. I drove a professional paint baller tonight from Edmonton Impact. What an awesome person. You would think that someone that shoots paint balls at others for a living might have a mean streak. I didn't see one, I liked the dude. I also drove around a bunch of kids that were munching on the Mushrooms. They were having a blast, well most of them. One guy just couldn't get high. He ate and ate the fungus but still nothing. His buddies were too loopy to care. I also drove the guy who actually saw the individual who did the shooting at the fox last summer, I'm only mentioning it because I was interviewed by Scott Fralick, here is the link. Violence Downtown. The guy told me the shooter was a brown guy. I also had another encounter with 911. O.k so I'm making my way up 109st with a fare, he was messed up. We were going to the Y. At about 109st and 79 ave some guy was trying to pass me on the outside lane, which would have been fine if there wasn't any pylons signaling the fact that the road is undergoing some construction. The guy just plowed into the construction zone. I looked at his face amongst all the flying debris. The guy was angry and in my opinion he did it on purpose. Well he broke most of the lights on the front end of his truck and the car stalled. He pulled onto a one way with the broken down truck. I followed him, my fare memorized the plate number then we called 911 and I started filming. I recorded the whole conversation. The guy got out of the truck and started to walk back to the debris scattered all over the road. My fare and I followed, I continued to film the bad guy, drive the car and speak to 911. I kept asking where the police are? Why is there no check stops? What are the reasons for the lack of crime prevention in Edmonton. My questions fell on dead ears, the female dispatcher would not and probably could not answer them. The EPS is having internal issues but they won't admit it. Anyway the guy starts to pick up and put back all the construction signs. It took the cops so long that he more or less was able to make it look like he didn't do anything to the road work area. His car on the other hand wouldn't start and he could not change that. The asshole couldn't runaway. It took the EPS about 12 minutes to make it to 109st and 80 ave. A block off Whyte(the busiest and most dangerous bar hopping street in Alberta). This actually happened about 3 blocks from where buddy burn alive about three weeks ago. When one female cop showed up about 5 more cruisers showed up. I began to understand why they are so slow and incapable. The female officer was the only one talking to the criminal. All the other guys stood around talking sometime even sharing a laugh. I had to get out of my car and ask if I could take my passenger to his destination. The officers made me wait till they finished their joke. When they finally approached my ride they told me that the guy was having an allergic reaction to a peanut butter bar. Lies! They said he has an ambulance on the way. I asked "does someone who's having an allergic reaction and is incapable of controlling his vehicle smash up the road then get out and pick up the mess?" The officer said "Yes." He also said " He could also just be a bad driver." Fuck that. I gave them my number and asked for the police officers name so I can call and ask about the final verdict. (the guy fucking ate a peanut he was allergic to, to get off, and he will cause justice is a whore) My last fare on the other hand was a group of women going to Sherwood park and they brightened the night up for me. Just the happiest people in the world. Good looking too. They Made me feel like a hundred bucks. They put me back on my cabby pedestal, thank ladies.


Anonymous said...

Is being on a "cabby pedestal" like winning first place at the loser olympics?

Anonymous said...

Is posting a chicken-shit anonymous negative comment like first place at the fucktard olympics?