Sunday, April 26, 2009

I drove a cop RCMP

The Blog. 101.
I've been writing notes on my log, notes that I should blog. Tonight I wrote down Cage the Elephant, Bum-Anus and phone sex. Lots more happened. Unfortunately I can't really tell you what Bum-Anus is about, I just wrote it down in the Log. Phone Sex is a great little story. Dude gets into my car and says "West end." Happy dude works the rigs. On the way to his house he gets a phone call. "Hello" Its his girlfriend. She wants to talk to him. He has to explain to her that he's in the car with the taxi driver and can't talk. He hangs up. He tells me "I've never met her in person but we've been having phone sex for six months. I've seen pictures, she has big boobs!" I was like "Wow" then I told him he should hook up with her in person. He said " I know." He tipped me 5$. Tonight was nice. Smooth. Good music. Cool. I'm trying to relax. I need to step back, writing the blog kind of intensifies the taxi ride. Tonight I was grumpy. I'm weening myself off of sugar and Slurpee's. Hard Core. Throw the skate board in the trunk. Get old gracefully while trying to succeed in today's world. I'm going to enjoy the summer. At five in the morning the sun's already showing his face. And the sun sets, I'll get one for you guys, a picture.

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Hit 40 said...

Wow you work late!!! I used to do this waitressing from 6pm to 4am at an all night breakfast place. Good money...but I could not do this anymore. Too old.