Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hairdressers smoke weed that stinks (like fish)

If only every night could be as decent as tonight. It took me back to the beginning of the boom, there was sex, drugs and rock and roll. My first fare came right out of the Stollery Children's Hospital. The women had three kids with her. Two of them should have had a car seat but you know cabs don't use car seats with kids. She didn't even strap them in she just threw them in the back. Well her 17 year old son was upstairs with his new child. The women I was driving was a grand mother, her teenage son was the proud father of a premature baby boy. The babies mother is 16. She tried to take him out of the Preemie unit, the nurses said that she couldn't take the child because the baby was still recovering so the 16 year old mother abandoned it. The boy watching the new born upstairs right now isn't 100% certain that the baby is his, the Grand Ma told me that they were still waiting on the DNA test. The possible other father is the Mothers new boyfriend. After she abandoned her premature child in the hospital she went and smoked meth with her man. This girl has already had three abortions. The women I drove was so proud that her 17 year old son stepped up to the plate of fatherhood without question and judging by the circumstances I was proud of the teen too. If all men could be so stoic. Tonight was awesome, all my personals blew me away, they treated me so well. My last fare was good too. She was a married women who is in the proses of a separation. I asked "why?" She told me she that her and her husband got pregnant but then she miscarried and she was devastated and the husband was happy. He has two children from a previous marriage so it was no skin off his back. His current wife on the other hand had an abortion when she was 17 so this lose hit her close to her heart. Her husband an ex Jehovah's witness did nothing to comfort her so she slept with his best friend to find some solase. No one knew until she broke down and told her husband (a man who renounced his religion , wife and children) that she cheated on him. Hence the separation. I dropped her off back at their place. It was 4:30 in the morning, what do you guys think happened? O.k now it's time for rock and roll. I saw a women walking up Whyte ave, I asked her if she needed a taxi. She said "I'm looking to make a couple bucks." I wondered what she meant. Sorry now it's time for the Rock and Roll Jake Ian folky, and the Old Wives Club the dude I drove has a wife that's a lesbian and she is hot as hell. And this guy was with Greater than giants, Everyone Everywhere. Fucking Right, Peace!

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Anonymous said...

Yay.....a good night! Maybe it was the picture that brought you luck or maybe good things come to those who wait???