Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last night the kids were cool. I got the kid that was all high on mushrooms. He ate an eighth of an ounce. Then his friends dared him to drink a mickey of Captain Morgan spiced rum in an hour. They told me he came close but did not finish. He was done in the back seat, as soon as we stopped he ran away. Pent up I guess. I had one cabby steal my fare. There were 6 of them, I said "I can only take 4." I told them "take a couple of taxis cause no car is gonna take 6 people." He said "Yeah right!" and they all piled in to the other taxi. The other taxi driver let them in and made me look like a fool. So I took a pic. Looking at it, I won't publish it. The people that piled into the taxi look like they belong to a prominent powerful gang. Actually I feel like that photo was not the best decision. Last night had some good driving. No one was too out of hand. I think it's all the check stops the cops are starting to put up. I see one at least once a week. It might not make a big difference on a nightly basis but it changes Edomotonians state of mind about drinking and driving in general. Context Baby! I did not get enough rest today. I just want to sleep the day away. Oh yeah......I did I gotta go to work. Write you later kids. Don't fucking drink and drive. Get High and walk.


Hit 40 said...

Good choice not taking the 6. No room to rush out the door to puke.

Let's think bad karma with taxi puke on the other driver!!!

LOTS O BYDDS said...

Thats a solid picture of Chris haha.


Burgalor said...

Haha, that was a fun ride man!! Keep up the posts!!!