Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who needs you Anyway?

Saturday is a great night, when you make lots of money and none of your friends get hurt. Yeah! I'm happy tonight you guys. I've been having strange recurring dreams lately. I'm in a psychiatrists office crying about how my buddies stabbing, and all the other bullshit is starting to effect me, and then all these people I don't know start showing up. I think that they are all people that I've given rides to. There is so many different faces, they all think I'm nuts. I probably am. The psychologist does little to settle my nerves because I wake up too upset to fall asleep. Stress is shitty, but I guess most of us people have to deal with it one way or another. I love to drive the taxi, I love to act like the best cad driver, no the coolest cad driver for whoever it is I'm driving. I am whatever I have to be and I am good at it. The best part about it is I know who I am, and I like myself, except I wish I was rich and drove a taxi for the fun of it.
So Saturday, mmmmmm what happened. It snowed, and that means it was hard to drive around without having problems in traffic, but the snow stopped after the traffic was gone. Its always like that, Ironic. I drove a couple to a first responder party. I like fire fighters, they usually know that the cops aren't doing a good job at policing the city because they have to go out and save peoples lives. Lives that would not be in danger if the police actually did some real crime prevention, instead of jerking each other off. I don't know. I haven't had the chance to drive any cops home in a long while, I'm guessing it's because a drunk cop can drive himself home without any fear of criminal repercussions. There are no check stops this season, I think that's wrong but who am I to judge our shit head police chief, he lowered crime by seven percent, and all he had to do is ignore it wow, no wounder our mayor likes him so much. To bad the mayor probably doesn't go out at night to often. Hey I bet you the chief doesn't either. Hahahahahahah who cares, Fuck I do. To bad. What else, what else. O there was this women who I picked up around 140ave and Victoria trail, I saw her flagging me down frantically but I had a fare so I dropped him off and hurried back to pick this women up. Clerview is a dangerous area for a young girl to be walking alone in. I got back to her, she was still walking which was awesome for me cause I was far from any other fares for sure. So this chick gets in, she is ecstatic to see me, she was scared half to death because her gut was telling her to get the fuck out of there. She tried calling a cab company, but of course all lines were busy. Not surprising. I asked why she was in the neighbourhood. She said "I was at the Oil City when a guy I like asked me to come over, so I jumped into a taxi and forty dollars later I ended up at his front door, but when I knocked there was no answer and the taxi took off, so I started walking". I told her she was stupid to be stuck out in North east Edmonton without any friends near by, I also told her the lucky guy she was on her way to see should be shot. Then she said "Your not like the other taxi driver I had on the way here, that guy made me sit up front, which I thought was weird, but I did it any way, he kept talking about how good I looked, It crept me out". I told her that if she felt that way that she should have reported him, all you have to do is get the number off the side of his cab and call the company he works for and they will look into it, he might be a predator of some sort. She agreed. I got her back to the Oil City for twenty five bucks, fifteen dollars less then the other guy charged her, he was a scam artist to, she should have reported that, he ripped her off and got away with it. He got forty bucks for the same ride I gave this girl, but I got twenty five plus tip. Fuck me, most of those mother fuckers get away with that shit, its stealing you know. Honesty doesn't always pay but at least if I get a knifed in the back I know I'll go to heaven. The other guy won't I hope. I don't want to see him there, thief.
Later that night I got a personal call to a nice west end hotel, the Mayfield except when I got there the bitch ditched me, Cunt. Fortunately there were these two other girls who pretended to be the girls that called me, I knew it wasn't them but I went along with their charade, They came from Fort Macmurry, they were hot, but a little sketchy but in a good way. They asked me not to turn to the fare, they only needed to go to the store for some juice. I didn't push the button and the two immediately loved me. They were dirty ladies, but in a good way at least I pretended, for all I know they worked on the rig pigs out there if you get my drift. They were on some Ziggy star dust, they paid me forty bucks to go to 711 and back, and they made me laugh cause they had a pretty raunchy sense of humor, I like that. A lot of anal jokes, something you don't expect that out of a tiny chick.
My last fare was a women I've driven before, I don't like her because she is slimy and sleazy she was with a guy. I dropped her off, but he wanted to keep going. He said Louise Estates, I started moving in that direction when he changed his mind, he needed me to drive him up this west end ally. I know the ally, Crack dealers house. He made the phone call. By the way he was talking to the guy I knew it was his second trip there tonight. The dealer said that the last time they met my fare shorted him twenty dollars. My fare said that that was impossible he counted the money himself, it was all there, the crack dealer insisted. My fare eventually broke down and said that he would repay the twenty dollars but he needed to score some more. The baby killer said that he would have to call back in five minutes and hung up. My fare asked me if I would wait, I said "no, I don't make money standing still, we can wait for him as long as I keep my wheels moving on the road". I started driving he called the dealer back to find out where he was so maybe we could meet half way, my fare got a busy signal. I told him it was a sign he should just go home and sleep, not tweak out. I turned toward his address without his permission, then he agreed, he said " I know I paid the full amount the last time, that mother fucker is working me, yeah take me home". On the way to his house I asked him if he owns his house, he said "yes". I told him that if he kept smoking that shit he would loose it in a couple of months. He knew I was right. Then I asked if he has any kids. He said " I have custody of my one son, I'm a single father". That freaked me out. The guy was cracked out and he was a little kids father, fuck. I asked how old his son was, he said "seventeen". I let out a sigh of relief. A seventeen year old can at least get out of a bad situation like that. The guy told me that he had relapsed last week, but he did not have a problem. I said "You relapsed after being clean, and now your going back for more and its only been a week, buddy you are in more trouble then you think, get out now or you'll loose your house and kid in a month". He knew I was right. He said in a sad voice " I know, the last time I did it I sat in my closet, scared that my kid was gonna catch me, I stared at the closet walls for hours, I was fucked". I told him "I may only be a twenty five year old punk, but I've seen what that shit does to anyone that touches it, stay off of it and your life will go right back on track, I was a user once, until my kid was born, I've been clean for almost two years, Ive made some mistakes but If I can do it a dude who raised a seventeen year old can do it too." He told me that I was wise beyond my years because he was gonna try to clean himself up. I'm pretty sure he took my talk to heart because he said he was going to sit a home and watch Heroes the T.V show he bought on DVD instead of the closet wall. We laughed he tipped me ten bucks , I saved him hundreds just for the night , if he stays clean I saved him thousands and if he does not go back to that lifestyle I think I might have saved his life.


Bartosz said...

Good job, brother. Keepin the users warm and cozy at home instead of some cold crackden.

Nemo said...

we all have the potential to go nuts or crack up it can occur at anytime maybe when you least expect it. it's how you deal with the fallout afterwards that's the key. Your job must make you see so many lives being played out in the back of your cab a little insight into other worlds. good stories!

kj said...

u r awesomw katrina and jax

J.w.M. said...

Jeeeez. I'm loving this blog. Very interesting-- shows me a side of life I'd seldom see otherwise. Cool stuff!

M@ Riddett said...

You're not trapped.